Specific Phobia Facts

Specific phobias are those fears that people have about a place, object, or situation in which their fear takes hold of them. They feel extremely anxious and try to escape the thing they fear. They will go out of their way to avoid every having to face their fear. Specific phobias, like achluophobia, affect about twenty percent of the US population. This usually develops in childhood and sticks with the individual throughout adulthood until they seek treatment for their anxiety condition.

Ablutophobia Support Group Therapy

If you suffer from ablutophobia it’s important to remember that you are not the only one. In fact, many patients find it easier to discuss their fears with others who have the same ones. This is know as a support group. This brings people together that face similar issues. During these group sessions individuals will talk about their experiences and advice for dealing with their issues, which can be heard by all other persons facing the same problems.

Understanding Complex Phobias

Complex phobias are much more disabling than simple phobias. They develop typically in adulthood and are rooted in a fear of a particular situation. There are two types of complex phobias that are agoraphobia and social phobia. Agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces where there is no escape.

These people feel anxious and go into a state of panic. Social phobias are also called social anxiety disorders. These people experience anxiety when they are in a social situation. These can make it difficult for people to carry out their everyday activities.

Why Am I Afraid Of Sex?

It’s very typical for all people to experience some form of anxiety just prior to engaging in sexual intercourse. This is a normal performance anxiety that typically with subside within just a few minutes. However, for some even the thought of sex raised an immense amount of anxiety that makes it hard for them to function. Patients often suffer difficulty breathing, excessive sweating, difficulty articulating words, and feel like there is an impeding sense of doom surrounding them. The likely cause of this condition comes down to sexual assaults or abuse. This typically takes place in childhood, but happens in adulthood to. These sufferers tragic experiences have caused their brain to link all sex with danger. This makes it difficult for patients to control their emotions when faced with any sort of sexual situation.

Treating Urticaria With Oxyhives Spray Relief

No matter if you come into contact with your allergen or it was simply triggered by stress there is one thing that can help to relieve your symptoms fast. It’s called Oxyhives. This is a spray you do under the tongue that will give you almost instant relief from inflammation and itching.

There are a few different medications on the health market to treat hives. We believe that Oxyhives is the best because of how fast it works. By spraying the solution under your tongue it’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This allows it to reach the inflamed cells faster and provide quick relief.